How can I turn on a QR code to capture feedback on my tablet or feedback terminal?

Collecting feedback on your tablet or terminal without the need to touch the device.

Stay safe and go touchless! We’ve introduced a new feature which allows you to continue collecting feedback from all your existing touchpoints even in times where Covid-19 dominates the headlines. You can deploy a QR code (unique to a device) remotely to all your devices. Respondents can use their phone cameras to scan the code and respond to the survey on their phones.

All the attributes of the device (such as location, tags etc) are still captured, giving you the same insight into all your services. By using this feature, you can make use of your existing devices without needing to print anything out or collect contact details etc. And it’s incredibly simple to deploy!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Head over to the survey you wish to deploy as a QR code:

2. Head over to the Questions section (Step 2) and click on “+ Add a question” under Quick Navigation:

3. In the ‘Add a question’ modal which opens up, scroll down to the ‘Information/ Legal/ Language’ section. You will see a new question type for the QR Code Screen.

4. The QR code screen will now be available for editing. You can’t change the question displayed on the QR Code screen (this will be the same question as your first question), but you can change the helper text (blurb) which accompanies the question to give some context. We recommend keeping the blurb the same as the one provided for a better response rate.

5. Save your changes (by clicking the blue button on the bottom navigation) and then proceed to the deployment step. On the device list, you will see an additional column titled ‘As QR Code?’. Select the devices you wish to deploy the QR code to by toggling the switch to green. You can deploy the QR code on all your devices by toggling the switch on the very first row labeled ‘All Devices’.

Please ensure your device is connected to Wi-Fi for the changes to take effect.

6. Click on the ‘Deploy’ button on the bottom navigation to deploy your changes.

That’s it!